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"The institutional experience for the individual investor"


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We are committed to protecting your capital to the current and future exposure of financial risks by focusing on facts over emotions. MarketCipher provides a disciplined and innovative approach that has a goal to preserve and grow your capital while still fitting your risk appetite. All strategies are fully integrated with our cutting-edge top of the line technology called MarketCipher SmartData®. Our built in-house MarketCipher SmartData® Investment Strategies decipher how markets function through a quantified set of investment drivers, relationships and rules.

Client First...

We work together to define the best investment structure and solutions for your individual investment needs. Our focus is on building your wealth over the long-term, preserving your capital and risk managing.



Our unique MarketCipher SmartData® Investment Strategies are built in-house so we fully understand what our systems are telling us. We can ensure there are no hidden fees.
Our ability to create products in-house allows us to provide institutional quality products at lower costs.

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