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MarketCipher Cross Cycle Strategy

MarketCipher’s Cross Cycle Macro Strategy is both directional and opportunistic. We aim to deliver uncorrelated, positive returns across various market cycles which is done by integrating proprietary human insights with artificial intelligence. MarketCipher is registered with the National Futures Association as both a CPO and CTA.
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Our MarketCipher SmartData® Investment Strategy deciphers how markets function through a quantified set of investment drivers, relationships and rules. Each set is unique to the specific asset class.

Characteristics of our unique data sets:

  • Relevant – based on causality not correlation
  • Sustainable
  • Specific to each asset and time horizon
  • Comprehensive
  • Identifies both trends and regime shifts
  • Explainable
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Investment Approach

Whereas industry trends are toward employing “Big Data”, MarketCipher has developed unique intellectual property that feeds proprietary investment drivers and relationships into artificial intelligence with the goal of optimal decision making.

Risk-Reward Investment Philosophy

MarketCipher has a disciplined, comprehensive risk management system call “Cover 5”. This multi-layer risk management system is applied across each individual asset class. As this approach is applied to each individual asset class, we are also diversified across asset classes for an overall fully covered risk management system.

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Cover 5

  1. Risk-reward quantification based on MarketCipher SmartData®
  2. We use options for downside protection at times, helping us manage our maximum loss.
  3. Low use of leverage
  4. Have the use of discretion for risk reduction. Have the ability to be fully in cash.
  5. We have stop losses as our last line
    of defense. (1)

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