About Us

About MarketCipher

At MarketCipher Partners we use repeatable and sustainable fact-based research to remove emotion Our cutting-edge technology allows us to make fact-based investment decisions without having fear or market “noise” cloud our decisions. We understand that predicting the future is impossible, however we are able to prepare for what may come by using history as our guide. At MarketCipher Partners, our goal is to protect your investments across all market environments. Preserving capital is not just about making market predictions, it is also about how you react when circumstances have changed. We use our MarketCipher SmartData® Investment Strategy to quantify stable and repeatable facts to make more informed decisions instead of letting human emotions impact our investment decisions.


Our Offerings

Our focus and aim is on growing your wealth through preservation of capital and risk management.


Our culture is defined by our ethics and values. Every decision made is based on our values of strong character, creating lasting partnerships and the relentless pursuit of perfection.


Character is more important to us than intellectual or technical capabilities. We act with integrity, respect, and we are accountable for our actions.


We strive to build a strong partnership with our clients, colleagues and community. We always think of our clients first and have our client’s best interest in mind.


We are uncompromising in seeking the truth and continuously challenging ourselves in everything we do